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The T-shaped Toothbrush

(straight type) has it's own good points but the lower back molars can not be brushed well enough.

The T-shaped Toothbrush

This T-shaped toothbrush can brush well behind the teeth and back molars which are hard to reach.

outside front of the teeth

inside front of the teeth

As is shown, the brushing is gentle on the gums whether brushed vertically or horizontally

Brushing on facial molars

Brushing on facial molars

Since the inner molars are already brushed, try not to brush too much in the back

Further details

Since the head width is about 0.8 inches, both upper and lower teeth and right and left teeth can be brushed at one time

Since the bristles are cut in a dome shape, it is gentle on the teeth and the gums.

Further details

Major features

1 It takes away the plaque well and prevents periodontal disease.
2 It allows easy brushing on the back of both upper and lower front teeth and prevents plaque.
3 Since the teeth can be brushed at right-angles, teeth are polished well.
4 The very back molars can be brushed very well.
5 When the molars are brushed horizontally, the gums are not injured.
6 The back of the front teeth can be brushed with your mouth closed which prevents saliva from splashing out.
7 There is no need to lift your elbow when brushing.
8 Since the grip is thick, it allows a person who has a weak hand to hold the brush with ease.
9 Since the grip is angled, it does not hit the jaw when brushed vertically.
10 Adoptment Dentures can be polished easily.
11 The bristles do not lose their shape and last longer.




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